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Bathroom Remodel Pros know it’s no secret that home renovations can put a sizable dent in your savings. Indeed, this is one of the biggest reasons homeowners put off remodel projects for as long as possible. This is especially the case when it comes to bathroom remodeling.

There are many circumstances in which it may be prudent to invest in an updated bathroom. Sometimes it is done for strategic reasons, like getting a home ready for sale. Other times it is done out of necessity, like when the bathroom’s functionality deteriorates due to mold issues or the age of the fixtures.

Top Bathroom Remodel Suggestions offers suggestions on how to tackle some of these issues. In the case of strategic preparing the home for sale, the three most cost effective updates are new hardware, paint, and cabinets or vanity. Across all these, AngiesList suggests a simple, minimalistic, but elegant theme. This allows for a perfect balance of form and function.

In situations of structural necessity, two of the most common issues that prompt the homeowners to opt for a complete bathroom remodel, according to AngiesList, are mild cases of mold and faulty or leaky fixtures. If you notice discoloration around areas of the bathroom commonly exposed to water, the problem may quickly be solved with some bleach. However, remodeling the bathroom insulation may be the only way to prevent this problem from re-occurring.

Bathroom Remodel Due To Family Growth

In addition, introduces a third set of situations that might inspire homeowners to start thinking about bathroom remodel or at least renovate parts of it – those of convenience. In other words, if the needs of the residents outgrows the bathrooms ability to meet those needs.

Top 10 Common Scenarios May Include:

1. Need for more than one sink
The amount of people who use the bathroom may outgrow the number of sinks available. This is often the case as couples grow into their bathroom over the years.

2. Inadequate bathtub size
As the residents’ needs evolve with age, they may prefer a more relaxing bathroom environment. This often involves an upgrade to the bathtub. Think hot tub jets and a larger soaking tub.

3. Inadequate bathroom lighting
Light fixtures fade over time. If make-up looks different at work than when you put it on at home, this may be a reason why. With the advent of LED lights, this can eventually pay for itself.

4. Bathroom color scheme
We want to point out that a bathroom should be a place you like coming to. You use it several times a day. The type of colors you use can contribute to this immensely. Not to mention, this is one of the most cost effective things you can do.

5. Issues created by an aging toilet
With age, toilets can become leaky or inefficient. This is one of those upgrades that can pay for itself over time, and then some. Another inexpensive, yet cost-effective solution.

6. Inconvenience of cleaning an old shower or bathtub
Over time, home owners often prioritize more modern, easier to maintain tub or shower. This is often a theme in post-modern, chic styles. This can do wonders for value and over-all experience.

7. Need for more bathroom storage
As the bathroom becomes more elaborate as a place of refuge, it may need to hold more stuff. Minor changes to the lay-out can go far in making the space more efficient.

8. Aging parts of the bathroom floor
Is the floor starting to hurt your toes? It may be time to do some work on the flooring.

9. Mirrors constantly fogging
Are you tired of constantly wiping down your mirrors after a shower? Inexpensive upgrades in bathroom ventilation can make a big difference here.

10. Inadequate overall bathroom size
Claustrophobia is a real thing. So is simply wanting more breathing room. Keeping things the way they are, just bigger, can make for a better overall bathroom experience.

In the end, don’t let a bathroom remodel project intimidate you or your budget. Remember, the nice thing about a bathroom remodel is that it can be as subtle or elaborate as you want it to be, depending on your reasons for doing one.

In other words, you can use some or all of the suggestions above, depending on your specific needs and preferences. This is especially helpful even on a modest budget.

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