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Most of us heard horror stories about or might even experienced horrible bathroom remodel contractors. They tore apart bathrooms and never returned to finish the job or the project investment was five times more than the originally quoted…
So how do you choose the right bathroom remodel contractor that is honest, experienced, reliable and does quality work?
We are here to tell you that only a few simple steps can give you the difference between frustration and sleepless nights and beautifully renovated bathroom done on time and within estimated budget.

Please do not trust your bathroom remodeling project to just any contractor. Do your due diligence and check out any bathroom remodel professional you invite into your home.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Hiring Bathroom Remodel Contractor

Remember that bathroom remodel contractor you hire to take care of your project will be inside your home all day, every day and may be for several weeks or maybe even months. So you need to be absolutely sure that you hire someone that you will get along with. Even if they are great bathroom remodel tradesmen but you would not want to bring them in your home if you there is something you don’t like about them.

Below are some things that will help you to choose and to deal with any bathroom renovation expert; in no particular order.

    • You always need to expect any great home improvement contractor to be too busy to start on your project straight away. Normally best contractors will not be available because they are in high demand.
    • You always need to choose the right home improvement professional for the right kind of job. You need to know if this particular person did a great job with your sister’s tile floor in her bathroom will not necessarily be the right contractor to renovate a master bathroom in your home. You would want to hire a company that does this types of projects all the time. Would you want to be someone’s guinea pig?
    • Always check on their licenses, see if there were any complaints and look into if they were ever sued by a customer. See any records of the county or state disciplinary boards, any records associated with their company in local courts and Better Business Bureau.
    • See if contractor can give you a copy of his or his company license and may be even copies of the licenses of their subcontractors they use and who who will be doing the work.
    • Make sure you make it clear to them that you want them to get the required permits for your bathroom remodeling project. Whether it is big or small. Most bathroom remodel projects require permits. A lot of fly-by-night contractors and some properly licensed bathroom remodel contractors, will ask to do the job without pulling proper permits because it will save you money. That type of conduct violates local ordinances and will subject you to fines if you’re caught and it also means this project will never be inspected by the city inspector or county inspector to make sure that all the work done is up to code. Work that was done without permits potentially can cause you problems in the future if you decide to sell at a later date.
    • Always sign a contract with all of the details spelled out. Be sure your project contract talks about exactly what is included in the renovation, include all of the deadlines, payments, what kind of materials contractor will be using (even brand names and model numbers) and who will provide materials quoted. You have to understand that if it is not in writing it is your word against contractor’s. Also any changes in your bathroom remodel project should be documented with change order paperwork.
    • Ask for and verify contractor’s insurance coverage. Any bathroom remodel contractor should carry property damage coverage, personal liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Find out what does your homeowners insurance cover and what will be covered by your contractor’s business insurance policy. Get a copy of their insurance policy paperwork.
    • Whatever you do, please do not make the final payment until you are 100% sure that your bathroom remodel project is 100% done the way the contract spells it out. We would want you to be completely satisfied with Bathroom Remodel Pros’ work and have all the receipts and lien releases in hand.

Bathroom Remodel Pros: Stress Free Bathroom Remodel Contractor

Ultimately if you want to completely eliminate stress and have your bathroom remodel done within scheduled time and within set budget call Bathroom Remodel Pros to set up a free no obligation estimate. Our office number is (904) 257-8600. Or you can fill out our Estimate Request form on top right of this page. We would be more then happy to talk to you.

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